I think about food a lot lately.

Not in the way I used to, though.  Not craving the 7-11 chocolate donut, or even the raspberry Zingers that I’m known for in a past life (aka: last month).  Not counting the minutes until I can grab something sweet and creamy and shrink-wrapped and eat it in my car. More like loving food.  Like falling in love instead of lusting over some sexy thing you know will treat you like crap and never call after they’ve left you feeling satisfied and worn out.  But I digress.

I’ve been eating Primal for about a month now and the difference is huge.  I got my first migraine in a month last night, from eating dark chocolate.  I knew better but…  The thing is, I usually get them about once a week.  Not with Primal.

I’ve also lost a bit of the muffin top.  About 13 pounds of “muffin” in the past month, to be honest.  And that makes me happy.  Not to mention making  The Boyfriend happy.

But the best part is that I’ve got a whole new attitude about food now.  I’m not sleepwalking down the grocery store aisle, numbly trying to decide between “Packaged Pasta with Chemical A” or “Packaged Pasta with Chemical X” (now with authentic meaty-flavored soy-like substance!)  I’m eating actual pieces of meat.  I’m cooking acorn squash with butter from grass-fed cows in Ireland, sprinkled with cinnamon and chopped walnuts.  I’m snacking on meatballs dog-paddling in real crushed tomatoes and honestly tasting the different seasonings.  I’m drowning berries in coconut milk and loving it more than ice cream.

What Primal has done is make me appreciate real food.  It’s just a wonderful thing.  It’s like getting a new chemistry set for Christmas.  I can make almost anything!  I’ve gotten excited about cooking again, and if you know me, you’d realize “again” may be a bit of an exaggeration.  More like “for the first time ever.”

Yes, I’ve given in to the call of the grain.  I admit it.  But after eating this way for a while, your body decides it wants its meat and veggies.  Screw that bread you just ate!  I had a burger a couple of weeks ago and decide I wanted the bun.  I almost immediately had to unbuckle my belt.  The next morning, the scale laughed at me.  My standard half pound per day weight loss was now a gain of a pound and a half.  Not worth it for a stinking hamburger bun when I can have so many other foods that love me back.
I’m in love!

Hope The Boyfriend doesn’t mind me calling out “Almond butter!” in the middle of the night…


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