Last week The Boyfriend and I took some vacation time and visited my mom and my brother.  We also decided we wanted to see some trees of the non-palm variety, since we never get actual “leaves” here in Vegas (or grass, or anything green for that matter).  I did see some stars (of the Head Injury variety – see previous blog post “The Making of a Blogger”), which wasn’t quite what I had in mind, but I digress.

We spent some time at my mom’s house, which was great.  Even though she’s only a couple of hours away, I only get out there maybe twice a year.  The Boyfriend is really cool about going.  It’s not that he doesn’t mind, I think he genuinely likes going.  Major point score for him.

We also got to visit with my brother and his amazing new wife.  She’s just plain fun, and I’m glad my brother won the relationship lottery, though I think his wife believes she did.  Either way, it’s all good and it’s fun getting to spend time with them.

This time, as we were leaving for the rest of our vacation, my brother mentioned a couple of boxes full of “round dance” records my grandma had left in the house when they bought it from her.  From what little I know, round dancing is like square dancing except… round.  Guess that’s not rocket science.  Unless I’m totally wrong.  Anyway, I collect old records and sheet music, and so I volunteered to take them.  I’m not so much into that kind of music, preferring old 78s and ‘40s war era stuff, but they’re still cool to have.

So now I have two cases full of 45 records.  Being data freak me, I decided to take them out and catalogue them.  It looks like there are a close to 100 of these things, each with two sides, so this is going to take some time.

I found awesomeness on a disc!
There’s more than round dancing music here – there’s jazz and a whole host of other wonders!  The first 45 that I took out was “Stardust”, and then I found an old National Geographic Magazine record from 1969 called “Sounds of the Space Age: From Sputnik to Lunar Landing”.  Yeah, The Boyfriend is going to freak when he sees that.
I think my favorite part was getting to see another side of my grandparents.  I mean, when you’re a kid and these are your grandparents, they act all Grandparent-y.  As far as any kid is concerned, their sole purpose on this earth is to play and generally focus their attention on their grandkids.  Maybe I always assumed that they sat in a chair in our absence and waited for the next visit from us, but it turns out they had a life!  They met up with friends and danced and maybe even gave each other knowing looks from across the room.
They might have even kissed – passionately no less.
I’m torn between pride for my genetic roots and a bit of the “ick” factor over grandparents kissing (let alone anything else).  My confusion isn’t helped much by the fact that The Boyfriend has grandkids and, with a 20-year-old son, I’m probably not too far behind.  And then my grandkids will look at me and be filled with Ick Factor if I ever should dare to kiss in public.
Boy, will they ever be in for a rude awakening!

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