I’m probably one of the most optimistic people on the planet, despite the reality that is My Life Here On Earth.  No matter what, I just know good things will eventually happen and I very much look forward to them.  Just be patient; they’re nearly here.  But lately I’ve been getting a little cranked at what is going on in the world, and I know I’m not alone.

I don’t watch much TV news or listen to it on the radio.  I’m usually hanging out on message boards (there’s always someone wrong on the internet) or listening to podcasts or watching old movies.  Frankly, the news on TV is really a bummer.  Someone drove drunk, someone else lost their house, and pretty much everyone is still looking for work.  I know all of that is going on, and I don’t need the media constantly reminding me.  I see it every day out in the real world.

Even with my (admittedly thin) layer of insulation, the recent crap in the world keeps breaking through, and it’s making me angry.  There are riots in London.  The fear of terrorism still hangs in the air with the anniversary of September 11th approaching.  Graffiti is more common than street lights.  Home invasion robberies are more and more becoming part of an ordinary day.

And the one thing these all have in common is that someone else gets the crap when someone is unhappy with their lot in life.  Someone else’s store is looted.  Someone else loses their life in an explosion.  Someone else’s house is tagged with spray paint.  Someone else is assaulted and robbed.  Which brings me to my short and sweet point.

Crap in your own yard.

Angry because you think the government is corrupt?  Smash your own TV and toss a Molotov cocktail into your own car.

Filled with hatred for those terrible American infidels?  Crash your own plane into the ground and you’ll never have to deal with us again.

Feeling like an anonymous face in a crowd, yearning for recognition?  Spray paint your name all over your own house, as much as you want.

Mad that you don’t have nice things like others do?  Ooh, here’s where it gets a little complicated.  But I’ll make you a list, just for simplicity’s sake:

  1. Get off the drugs and put the money in the bank instead.
  2. Get a job and put some of your paycheck in the bank.
  3. Work your ass off like the rest of us and put more of your paycheck in the bank.
  4. Buy your own damn stuff with some of that money you just put in the bank!

And while you’re at it, do something good to contribute to society.  It won’t kill you.

See, it wasn’t really that complicated after all.


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