Crash is a loaded word. You can crash your car. You can hang out late with friends and crash at their house. You can go to the symphony and hear the crash of the cymbals as the music crescendos. How you see the word speaks volumes about your life.

My computer’s hard drive crashed a couple of days ago. As we speak, I’m typing this with the side of my index finger on tiny iPhone keys. My computer was apparently overwhelmed, had enough and said “Screw it, I’m done.” I understand completely. I’ve been there.

I know good, loving, intelligent and stable people who were simply dealt a hand they just weren’t able to play. Throw your cards in the air, push your chair back and walk out the door. Find a new game somewhere else. And I really can empathize. I’ve considered the grandiose shower of cards myself. Go out in a blaze of glory.

I’m just 3 days back from spending a few days on the beach, maybe 10 minutes away from the home where I grew up. There’s something about being there that stills my soul and gives me peace. Then I make the 5 hour drive back to reality and I can feel the weight climb onto my back like a gluttonous monkey.

The only crash I want right now is the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.

If I close my eyes, maybe I can still hear it.


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