Her name was Creative Flo and I did it.  I killed her.

But she deserved it.  Really, she did.  I just couldn’t deal with her attitude anymore.  She was a moody thing.  Very pretty, but the type that’s so emotional and unreliable that the annoying personality overshadows the delicate and ethereal beauty.  The attraction just fades away.  If money was tight, she didn’t feel like being inspirational.  If life was stressful, she wasn’t in the mood to motivate.  No matter what the situation, she made it difficult for me to write and she had to go.

So I got myself a new muse.  Her name is Do It Anyway and we get along much better.  She understands that there isn’t ever the perfect situation for creativity.  She knows that the ideas need to get out through the keyboard now, and then maybe tomorrow we’ll find that perfect word.  But for today, we need to just write.

My new muse and I are off to refill my coffee cup and hang out with The Neglected Novel for an hour or so.  See you soon.


One thought on “Murdering My Muse

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