I know.  I’m supposed to make a list of resolutions for 2012.  It’s my civic duty.  I’m supposed to decide to lose a little weight, plan my vegetable garden so it actually produces something, get a better day job that doesn’t have me battling angry Rottweilers, be more charitable every day and organize the house.

I refuse.

It’s not that I’m against resolutions.  They’re fine… for someone else.  You see, I’m an expert procrastinator – I’ve been in training for decades – so if I see the chance to make life-changing decisions once a year on January 1, you can bet I’ll hold off until then, even if I realize my life is a mess way back in June.

The only way around the procrastination is to make changes in my life immediately, as soon as I see the need.  So back in June, I changed my food from the standard American diet to Primal, a mix of healthy meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts and a little dairy.  No wheat, seed oils, soy or anything artificial.  In November, I ordered books that would teach me how to grow food in the 115F heat we get here in Vegas.  I started submitting resumes around the same time too.

Becoming more charitable?  That’s going to have to be a daily decision as well, and I think the hardest part is having a charitable attitude toward jerks, not handing out money.  Dropping 20 bucks is the easy part.  Being understanding when I’m flipped the bird and run off the road in my work truck – that’s going to take some serious introspection and self control.

And organizing the house.  Yeah.  It’s really not something that’s in my skill set, and The Boyfriend really does such a wonderful job cleaning and straightening.  I’d hate to take away any sense of accomplishment he might get from it.  Yeah, that’s the excuse I’m going with.

Happy New Year!

And… don’t be so hard on yourself!



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