I planted some seeds today.  Cauliflower, tomato, cilantro and basil.  Once it warms up, I’ll plant some carrots, zucchini, kale and maybe even some melon.  I got the planters and the seeds last week, probably spending more than the final harvest would cost if I just bought it at the store.  But it was birthday money, so I’m allowed.

Planting the seeds takes a little time, but it’s the easy part.  I still have to make sure the tiny seedling tray stays watered, and then I need to transplant them once they grow and keep them watered in their new pots.  I have to make sure they get enough sun but not too much.  I need to keep my cats out of the bigger pots and the nastier bugs out of them all.  I need to keep them shaded if it gets too hot, wrapped if it gets too cold and sheltered if it gets too windy.  And eventually I need to harvest them, which hopefully means plenty of chopping and cooking.

It’s kind of like the rest of life – the planning and prep work is easy.  It’s sticking with it that’s hard.

I’ve gone back to college 3 times now.  Even filling out the FAFSA was a piece of cake compared to dealing with irrational teachers or (ex-)boyfriends that didn’t appreciate the demands on my time.  Registering was easy compared to being partnered with a perky 20-year-old in a tight shirt and mini-skirt who obviously hadn’t yet birthed 2 large babies.  Paying tuition was relaxing compared to knowing the teacher hadn’t been part of a real live corporation since before the dawn of the internet and had no clue how they were actually run.

Oh yeah, keeping my mouth shut is hard too.

          Ideas are worthless. Execution is everything. – Scott Adams

And it’s true.  Great strides are not made by those that have a thousand wonderful ideas.  The world turns with the help of those that have a few good ideas… and ACT on them.  Follow through is everything.

So I plant my seeds and place them where I will trip over them, hoping I will remember to water them.  And I work on my novel instead of applying to college yet one more time.

Pick your dreams and then be faithful to them.


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