I’m a woman.  I hear women talk.  And they talk a lot about men.

They just don’t get it.

“All men want is sex.  They only pretend to be in love so they can get sex on a regular basis.”

“Men just don’t have much in the way of feelings.  Nothing phases them.”

“Women are emotional and men are rational.”

Like I said, they just don’t get it.

I have 2 wonderful adult sons.  I have an amazing boyfriend.  I work with some incredible men, and it has been this way my whole life, surrounded by males on all sides.  I guess I’ve become a spy for the women of the world, kind of an infiltrator, or maybe more like a double agent, reporting the secrets of both genders to the other.  And I can tell you that men are emotional beings with hearts that get broken and Super Glued back together again.

My son came over last night.  He had a test to take for work, a very complicated one that usually takes at least a couple of tries to pass.  He was stressing because he knows what he’s doing – I mean he really knows his stuff – but here was a governmental agency trying to make him fail.  That’s tough.

He called me this morning.  “I failed.”  I asked what his score was and when he could test again.  “I got a zero, Mom.”  Now I know you’re full of it.

“You passed didn’t you!”

“Yeah.  I got a perfect score, and hardly anyone ever does that.  My boss thought I was lying because it took him 3 tries to pass, and I got a perfect score the first time.”

I was proud, but I wasn’t surprised.  He’s a smart kid, and he loves his work.  I love hearing his joy carry through the airwaves to the cell tower and into my phone.  And he wanted to tell his mom.  That makes me stand a little straighter when I walk.

I came back to the shop this afternoon.  I work out in the field, and I have to come back to the yard and return my truck at the end of the day.  As I pulled in the gate, I saw more than a dozen massive trucks with their bucket arms extended to the sky, some of them reaching 150 feet into the air.  It was such a simple act, and yet it was so meaningful.

There was an accident yesterday.  Someone had died at work, a fall from 100 feet in the air that never should have happened.  It shouldn’t have even been a possibility.  And yet, it was.  A young man, working hard to secure a future for his fiancé and himself, lost it all in a moment.  Life is like that – fleeting, and suddenly gone just when you think you’ve finally got it all figured out.

Those trucks reaching up to the gathering clouds?  A salute to their lost brother.  A nod to the fact that it could have been any one of them.  A heartfelt goodbye.

Men may not sob and get hysterical.  But they feel it just the same.  Trust me, they feel it.

So, from one woman to another, I’m asking for a big favor.  Please, please be careful with the hearts entrusted to you by the men in your lives.  They’re a lot more fragile and sensitive than we’ve been told they are.



4 thoughts on “The Hearts of Men

  1. Well yes they do have feelings. I prefer the company of men as sadly they seem to like me better and get me better than women. I like the company of men more but think women are more amazing and yes nicer people. Women are behind in everything world wide. There is no equality yet, not anywhere on the planet and in some places they get abused purely because of their gender. I have that fight to win before I am going to rush to the defense of the average male who can’t be bothered to look after themselves. (How many health alerts are there telling me that is also my responsibility). So, I’ll leave men to look out for themselves as they are doing well enough to be still running the planet and I’ll concentrate on giving my compassion, help and recognising unfair play to women not just world wide but here on my door step.

    The irony is, that when we got suffrage, men gave it too us. Women didn’t have the power to take it as we will never be as physically strong and ultimately that is what it’s all about.

    So yes I care about men and they do cry but women cry more. Men look out for themselves, women look after anyone but themselves. So boo hoo to the men, they need to sort themselves out as I’m not going to do it for them and they are not on the top of my agenda right now. Poor poor men? No, don’t make me laugh. I could cry though still for the lack of rights and equality for women – in the home, in education and the workplace and as has been shown by events in India lately even on public transport.

    Men smash women’s hearts every day and they smash through their rib cages in some cases to get to them.

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